Landing Pages (and their design) are vital to your website’s success. We describe how to get them right. 

To prove useful, all marketing that you do for your business should be measured, whether that’s marketing on the side of a bus or sending out an offer via an email newsletter. Failing to measure the response can mean that you are spending precious time and resource in the wrong areas. 

There are many ways to measure a marketing campaign: 

  1. a dedicated phone number
  2. a specific offer
  3. a regional campaign, then record the leads generated from that region
  4. newsletter signup
  5. competition entry
  6. online traffic tools, and so on

One such method of measuring a marketing campaign is to direct users to a specific section of your website – known as a landing page. 

You should create a landing page for each marketing campaign that you push out to your audience. For example, if Nike market Air Jordan sports caps, you can be sure that their campaign will direct you to a page or section of their website that displays and sells the features of those caps. 

Landing pages can give your business a great platform to promote from as they can include a lot of information – relevant information – about a product or service that your user has clicked on. Landing pages are, therefore, great for credibility, relevance, SEO and for keeping interested visitor focussed. They are, I would argue, crucial to your online success. 

The Features (Our top tips for landing pages)

For a given marketing campaign, it should be the first thing that your users/visitors see (so it needs to be good!). All of your relevant marketing materials, avenues and platforms should point to a landing page. Try searching for Apple Ipad, the results from apple will lead you straight to their landing page that sells every detail and feature of the new iPad!.

Landing pages should convey a unique selling point (USP) for your product/service and heavily focus on a clear and concise call to action (CTA) such as getting the visitor to register details or to make a purchase. Whatever the goal, it’s up to the design of the page to channel the user toward it. 

The landing page needs to compliment your branding, but it should also be clear, concise and punchy. The idea is to prompt the user to do something so the landing page design should reflect that. 

It has to cut straight to the point. At best, you have a few seconds of your users time to entice them further. A short, sharp and precise message is key to the effectiveness of a landing page. You’ve gone to great lengths to get a user to visit the page, don’t lose them in poor design. 

Keep it relevant. Landing pages are supposed to be specific, keep them that way. If you sell blue trainers and your user has arrived at your page from an email newsletter you sent out, its because they like and want blue trainers. Therefore your landing page should talk about blue trainers. Anything else will cause your visitors’ attention to drift and likely leave them feeling that you’ve wasted their time. 

With all of that in mind, grafeyo can help you pull together well-designed and practical landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns. If you’d like to get more from your current marketing campaigns, get in touch for a free consultation.