The Abundance of Time we find ourselves in

The one thing many of us have in abundance during COVID-19 lockdown is time. This presents us with the unique opportunity to really think about our business and re-evaluate its successes and high points, failures and low points. It provides us with the chance to truly isolate the direction it has been heading and whether or not that’s what we envisaged when we set out our business plans and objectives. Then we can take a look at two things: 1) how is the business operating during the COVID-19 lockdown and 2) what it is the plan when this is all over. If your business has strayed off course, now is the time to reconfigure the plan so that you can get back on track. What will that need? Perhaps the new course is better than the plan, in which case, you still need to reconfigure to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes from the new direction.

In a recent webinar call with Paul Furlong* ( he asked the following questions of all attendees:

  • What is your target market?
  • Has that changed because of COVID-19
  • Where do you position your business?
  • Do you need to rethink that and reposition?
  • What marketing are you currently doing?
  • From 1-10, how well is that working for you? (with the caveat that anything you think is less than a 5/10 should be stopped) ?
  • What marketing do you think you should be doing?

They seem simple questions at first– questions that you’ve no doubt asked yourself many times over (certainly when starting up), but equally they were thought provoking. How will our business react to COVID-19 lockdown and how will it respond once the measures are lifted?

Following on from our blog about adapting to change, this blog should get you thinking about how your business will change and come out stronger.

Perhaps it’s time for a rebrand and relaunch? Take a look at your logo, your colours, your messages and marketing – do they still represent your business, or have you moved on but just not got around to updating and refreshing your appearance?

Your website – so many don’t match a businesses direction. Built many years previously, your business has moved on but has the website, a 24/7 marketing tool, followed it? If it hasn’t now is the time think about changing it.

If you are thinking along those lines and are looking for some free advice and support, call us for a chat. The team here at grafeyo are more than happy to lend an ear and give you some insights on how to take the next steps in realigning your business, your image and your marketing.

Consultations are free and we can easily chat over the internet (sadly we can’t buy the coffee at the moment given the circumstances!).

Call us for a one-to-one, let’s see how we can work together.

*Paul Furlong runs Opus Media (, a corporate video content production company based in Liverpool and Manchester. Paul regularly holds webinars and training events (usually free!) to pass on his knowledge and experience relating to business marketing. Look him up, give him a follow and join his webinars.