During the lockdown, many of us have embraced social media, with our usage doubling in just a matter of weeks. Since we can’t meet up and hang out with our friends and family, we are connecting virtually across every platform imaginable! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, house-party and so on!). 

Apple has announced that screen time on social media platforms alone has risen by a whopping 36%! Now clearly is the time to try and reach out to your potential audience (from every crisis comes opportunity and all that). 

Lockdown is set to remain for another 3 weeks at least meaning social media usage will likely climb further. With that in mind, the grafeyo team wanted to pick out the 5 most important social media content goals that you and your company should focus on right now. 


1) Keep your audience up to date.


Let your customers, prospects and suppliers know what you are doing. With many companies shutting down, you must tell them you are still operating, in whatever capacity. Crucially, be honest. Let them know what you can do, how you are working. Give them valuable information such as changes to lead times, how to contact you, who is available (especially if you have furloughed staff) and when. 

The more you keep in touch with your audience, the more they will know they can continue to rely on your business. 

Regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are great ways to get the message out there but make sure you use other relevant platforms also. 

Join local community groups’, or your chamber of commerces’ social pages. Make sure that you talk about other subjects other than your business, though! Share messages of support, inspiration and positive posts as well as those about your business. All told, the key to Social Media is to be social. 

2) Show Support

After the credit crunch and crash in 2008, the brands that advertised consistently came out the other end the strongest. This trend won’t change for COVID-19. You should continue to promote through the lockdown. 

However, think about the message beforehand. Any marketing is going to be received more effectively if the message is supportive of the audience (i.e. the local community, your client base, the government, etc.). In fact, we’d argue that there is almost an expectation on companies to use their social media accounts for good and NOT to exploit the crisis. 

You no doubt will have already seen the countless adverts offering support and key workers discounts or special promotions from companies that are trying to continue to trade. It is highly likely that consumers will get behind those companies who make such offers (think about how you’d respond to those types of adverts). 

So what can your company offer? If you can’t provide free or discounted services, then what else can you do? Perhaps simple ‘shout outs’ or ‘thank you’ messages to the critical frontline workers through your social media channels? They’ll go a long way to getting your brand respected. 

3) Engage, Engage, Engage

Social Media is all about engagement – especially where a business is concerned so respond to comments, questions and feedback as soon as possible. 

We’ve already mentioned that users are browsing social media platforms a lot more than usual. This presents an excellent opportunity to converse with them but ONLY if you respond quickly. You are discarded rapidly, and chances are lost if a user is left ‘hanging’. 

Social Media is the easiest way to chat to your wider audiences, so if they engage, make it memorable and keep it positive! Don’t, however, lower the bar of professionalism. You may be feeling a little more relaxed working from home, but that doesn’t mean you should talk to your potential clients like you would your mate down the pub. You can keep it light-hearted, have a bit of fun but always maintain the professionalism. Those that engage with you are not your friends, they are potential customers so…no profanity, no politics and no inappropriate comments. Remain polite, positive and professional. 

4) Interact

Social Media is supposed to create a dialogue, not a monologue. Yet, many companies treat it like a one-way street. Companies that selfishly churn out posts after posts in the vain hope that someone may see them are not interacting effectively with their potential audience. 

As with all marketing, it takes high-quality, engaging content to grasp a lead and convert it. Social Media can offer a perfect platform to interact and allow you to engage actively with users that respond to your content.

During this lockdown, with people craving interaction, now is the perfect time to get creative and come up with new ways to engage. 

You could use a fun Facebook questionnaire, a live broadcast, a video conferencing/virtual pub quiz (they are fun!) to engage. Or perhaps really embarrass yourself by posting your attempts at Tik Tok dance routines! The possibilities to get interactive are endless, think outside the box. 

The key message to this tip is that Social Media doesn’t always have to be about you and your company’s services. You’re far more likely to be remembered and recognised (perhaps even admired!) if you use fun attention-grabbing content.

5) Optimise your Social Media

Content is king. Ensure that it is optimised for SEO and therefore working hard for you even when you sleep. Use and add relevant keywords, hashtags, user names and links to your posts so they can gain the traction they deserve. Adding the right keywords can make a huge difference in how your posts perform. 

Plan and schedule your posts in advance. Include images and video were possible. Post regularly (the number of times really depends on you and your business). Be active across multiple social media platforms. Ensure your company’s profile and about page is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Test any call to action buttons that you may use. 

Now, with the world self-isolation and in lockdown, is the time to utilise the power of social media and social interaction. Push your brand out there and have fun doing it!