Uncertain times but We’ve got your Back

To all our wonderful clients, suppliers, colleagues and all…

There’s understandably a lot of worrying and confusing messages out there at the moment, so we wanted to send out a message that’s positive and, hopefully, break up a bit of that gloom.

Firstly, wherever you are and however we know and interact with you, we hope you, your family and loved ones are safe and healthy.

At grafeyo we are continuing business as best we can and supporting our clients through this confusing period. We are all prepped to roll up our sleeves and deliver results, albeit from home, because we are determined to get through this by supporting each other and our clients.

We are committed to remaining positive in whatever creative ways we can. 

Forward Thinking

From the coronavirus crisis lies an opportunity to grow and become more resilient in business. Trading was tough before the outbreak, so our hearts go out to everyone feeling the stresses, strains and anxieties of the current measures. For small businesses, these really are unprecedented challenges that we’ve never experienced before. Nevertheless, there’s always opportunity if you plan for it.

Business owners out there should keep their eye on the long-term because when we get over this, and we will, you’ll need to be ready to grab opportunities with both hands. We will be there with you, helping as best we can.

Whilst none of us know how the next few weeks will unfold, we’re doing everything we can to ride out the pandemic by sharing as much positivity as we can! This will pass and we will get through it together. We are here for you, reach out and let’s have a chat.

Keeping up to date

We are going to carry on as usual with social media posts and telling you about the exciting work we’ve been helping our clients with. We’ve set up support websites for our clients so that they have an extra, free outlet to reach other businesses and audiences during the lockdown (www.supportsefton.co.uk and www.supportknowsley.co.uk).

We’ll be featuring some of our clients across our social platforms in an effort to promote them. Together we can and will thrive. Those that continue to market through crisis always come out stronger.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself and where possible, stay at home. I will, as will my team, be taking all the necessary precautions advised by the Government to stay safe and healthy so that we can be ready to support our clients on anything they need now and in the future. 


With love, the grafeyo team